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J & J Roofing was established nearly 7 years ago and work throughout the West Midlands.

We undertake all types of roofing works inculding Roof Installation, Roof Repair, Garage Roofs, Felt Roofs, Slate Roofs, Lead Flashings, Velux Windows installed, Flat Roofs Repairs, Roof Cleaning, Roof Tiling, Tile Repair, UPVC Guttering Facias and soffits.

We deal with  Domestic Roofing projects as well as repairs to homes. We’ll be happy to answer your questions on home and roof repairs. Call us on 07796 083570.

Why Choose J & J Roofing West midlands?

You can place your trust in J & J Roofing to come up with a professional solution for your property.

Our Commitment

At J & J Roofing, every one of our roofers is fully qualified and trained to deliver safe, effective repair work. We are fully committed to ensuring that every job is carried out to the highest of standards.

The experienced roofers at J & J Roofing are trained to deliver excellent customer care and quality workmanship. We have over 7 years of experience in the roofing industry and our prestigious reputation has been built on earning the trust and confidence of our customers.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our workmanship each and every time, and our professional team will ensure that all our repairs are carried out according to our commitment to quality.


We offer a wide range of home repairs and maintenance services to our customers, but our specialty is delivering emergency roof repairs. We offer prompt services to eliminate further damage to residential properties needing emergency Roof repair work. We will provide a detailed report listing all the areas where storm damage has weakened the structure of your property. Our report will make it easier for you to claim damages on your insurance as it will determine what the cause of your roof damage was and advise you what steps to take to repair the damage.

Contact J & J Roofing on 07796 083570 for more information about our services.

Emergency Roof Repair Work

If you spot damage to your roof, it’s best to contact us immediately. Even the smallest sign of damage should be inspected by a qualified roofing team such as J &J Roofing. Your roof should provide you with protection from the elements but a neglected roof can bring catastrophe in severe weather conditions.

Even a loose tile could pose a threat to your property. One loose tile can be ripped off in strong winds, causing serious injury to a passerby. It could also affect the other tiles on your roof. Likewise, if your roof is not sealed, water damage could cause serious problems with the structural integrity of your home.

If you neglect to rectify the problem straight away, it could be hazardous to your property and to others. Using an emergency roof repair service could prevent your property from further damage in the future, and could save you from having to fork out more money on extensive repairs in the future. Make sure you contact a professional roofing firm if you have any doubts about the safety of your roof.

How Can I Protect My Property?

Your home is in a constant battle against the weather. Strong winds and storms take their toll on your home or business, but there are a few steps you can take to reduce damage to your property.

1. Check your roof. Ensure that you have the right safety equipment and that the weather conditions are right, then go outside and have a close look for missing tiles or other damage. If you spot any damage to the tiles, you should act immediately. This could prevent you from having to shell out even more in the future if you leave the roof damaged.

2. Check your chimney. Make sure that there are no holes or cracks around the pointing and that the brickwork is stable.

3. Check your guttering. You should aim to clean your gutter at least once a year. If possible you should check your gutters in the late autumn and again in spring to ensure that your gutters aren’t blocked or faulty. Cracked or blocked gutters will overflow and cause water damage so it’s a job that’s well worth doing. Many of our emergency call-outs are due to damaged guttering.

Your Roof in Winter

Ice and snow on roofs and in gutters can be a real problem in the winter. Maintenance of your gutters throughout the year should help prevent damage but heavy snowfall on your pitched roof can cause structural damage to your property. If your gutters are not working properly, the water that collects in them will turn to ice and could turn in to a more serious and costly problem. If thick snow if left on your pitched roof, it’s best to clear it as soon as possible to prevent more harm to your property, but this is a job that should be done by professional roofers

What to do if you need emergency roof repairs

If your home suffers storm damage, you can often make a claim for emergency repairs on your insurance. Many insurance policies cover you for storm damage and emergency roof repairs so you can call out a professional to fix the problem immediately. Damage to your property should be dealt with immediately and emergency repair work will ensure that the problem doesn’t worsen, leaving you with even more repair bills.

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